Tuesday 26 October 2010

Picnic in Arcadia at the Bluecoat, Liverpool 23/10/10

Last Saturday, we held a highly successful Picnic In Arcadia at the Bluecoat, as part of the Liverpool Biennial 2010, which encompassed several elements.

Our picnic consisted of three elements Virtual Picnic, Tea ceremony with Augmented Reality and Shang-Pool Arcadia in Second Life.

Virtual Picnic

Using pattern recognition and sensors to enable a meeting of worlds, the real and the virtual.

Paul Sermon and Charlotte Gould from Salford University have developed the innovative virtual picnic entitled 'Picnic on the Screen' which lets members of the public appear inside a virtual world which they can interact with.

The interactive public video installation aims to explore the creative and cultural potential of large public video screens.

On Saturday, the installation of the virtual picnic involved a link up between participants in Liverpool and Shanghai:

See more photos here

See Shang-Pool Arcadia in Second Life here

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