Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Test Launch of Voyages In Arcadia Canoe 15th November 2010

On 15th November 2010, the Voyages in Arcadia canoe was successfully tested at New Brighton Boating Lake.

The above photo shows Colin Dilnot, Project Manager holding the canoe after the test. Below is video of the test launch:

Further Tests On Voyages In Arcadia Canoe

Over the last few weeks, the project team have been preparing the Voyages in Arcadia canoe for the launch.

Here are some photos of the work on the canoe at Peter Appleton's workshop.

Voyages In Arcadia Canoe Test 3rd November 2010

We are using a replica cedar wood Canadian canoe for the Voyages in Arcadia:

This delightful model is a fully authentic respresentation of a traditional cedar wood-strip open water canoe. Hand-crafted from strips of red and yellow cedar wood sealed with a layer of fibreglass and epoxy resin, sanded to a super smooth finish it is made in the exactly same way as a full size canoe. This fantastic high quality model comes fitted with a yoke, two seats and a set of paddles.

The model is very similar to the real canoes used on Stanley Park lake in the early 20th Century:

The model dimensions: Length: 110 cm; Width: 17 cm and Height: 14 cm.

The canoe has been adapted with various equipment to power and control the canoe via the Internet.

These adaptations have taken place at Peter Appleton's workshop. The canoe was successfully tested in the workshop on 3rd November 2010.

Voyages in Arcadia @ Liverpool Art and Design Academy 26th November 2010

Voyages in Arcadia
26th November 2010
4.00pm to 7.00pm
Art and Design Academy
Liverpool John Moores University
Duckinfield Street
L3 5YD

Voyages in Arcadia is the second phase of the Shang-Pool Acadia Project. On the 26th November we will be holding a launch event at the Liverpool Art and Design Academy.

From a canoe situated in the foyer of the Academy you will be able to navigate our evolving second-life Arcadia exploring the lakes of our virtual Stanley Park. You can visit the park from any internet linked computer if you download and log in to Second-Life and follow this link:

Shang-Pool Arcadia In Second Life

Our collaborators from Shanghai University have been developing wi like control paddles. Here Fred and Mr Wang can be seen discussing with Andy , Dave and Henry of the LJMU School of Computing & Mathematical Sciences.

The Maths department developments were needed to translate the control data of the paddles into directional information for the virtual canoe. The co-operation of those paddling is essential as each paddle stroke on either side affects the motion and direction of the boat.

Below Wang Zheng and Jiang Fei with John Webster preparing to make stand for canoe in LJMU workshops

These paddles also control the experimental Arcadian drone canoe. This model canoe will sail on the actual lake in Stanley Park relaying live video images of its location back to the Academy allowing us to add another layer of reality to the voyage.

Here is the model canoe under construction at Peter Appleton's workshop

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Shang-Pool Arcadia In Shanghai

The above are participants in the Picnic In Arcadia event in Shanghai on 23/10/10 during the link up between China and Liverpool.

The Shanghai connection was facilitated by Charlotte Gould and Paul Sermon, University of Salford who are members of the Shang-Pool Arcadia Project.

Here is what Salford University said of the event:

A Liverpool Biennial event run by the Universities of Salford, Liverpool John Moores and Shanghai brought together people on opposite sides of the globe in a virtual world modelled on the newly regenerated Stanley Park.

The 'Shang-Pool Arcadia' project connected people in Shanghai to Liverpool's Bluecoat Gallery. They experienced a shared picnic environment through the latest blue screen and HD video conferencing technology.

The participants were captured by cameras which projected them onto the screen, and augmented reality allowed them to interact with surreal picnic items and animated characters from both cultures.

'Shang-Pool Picnic' combined the work of the University of Salford's Charlotte Gould and Paul Sermon to explore the concept of idyllic green spaces in the city for recreation, contemplation and meetings, with Liverpool's Victorian Stanley Park forming the virtual backdrop.

It built on the technology they used at the 2009 Glastonbury Festival where festival-goers appeared and interacted with each other inside a virtual 'picnic on the screen'.

Charlotte Gould of the School of Art & Design said: "Liverpool and Shanghai were brought that bit further together in cultural fusion. It's the first time these technologies have been used in this combination of across the globe telecommunications."
University of Salford

Voyages Planning Meeting 1/11/10

The team are currently working on the next part of the project called Voyages.

Last Monday, was the first time the two teams from the UK and China had come together. Below, the team are working on equipment and computer programmes for the launch of Voyages at the FACT in Liverpool on 15th November. We will be publishing more details on Voyages in the next few days.

Fred & Mr Wong Arrive From Shanghai!

Last week, Fred and Mr Wong from Shanghai University arrived in the UK from Shanghai to work on the next stage of the Shang-Pool Arcadia Project - Voyages in Arcadia

The photographs of Fred (Left below) and Mr Wong (Right below)show them in the Ye Cracke pub in Liverpool - the Shang-Pool Project's favourite drinking place!

Upton Hall School FCJ @ Picnic In Arcadia 23/10/10

Here are some photographs of participants in Picnic In Arcadia from Upton Hall School FCJ

Video from Shang-Pool Arcadia Picnic @ The Bluecoat Liverpool 23/10/10

Here is a short video of our Picnic In Arcadia held at the Bluecoat on 23/10/10.

The video includes members of the team, participants from one of our partners Upton Hall School FCJ and members of the public.