Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Voyages in Arcadia @ Liverpool Art and Design Academy 26th November 2010

Voyages in Arcadia
26th November 2010
4.00pm to 7.00pm
Art and Design Academy
Liverpool John Moores University
Duckinfield Street
L3 5YD

Voyages in Arcadia is the second phase of the Shang-Pool Acadia Project. On the 26th November we will be holding a launch event at the Liverpool Art and Design Academy.

From a canoe situated in the foyer of the Academy you will be able to navigate our evolving second-life Arcadia exploring the lakes of our virtual Stanley Park. You can visit the park from any internet linked computer if you download and log in to Second-Life and follow this link:

Shang-Pool Arcadia In Second Life

Our collaborators from Shanghai University have been developing wi like control paddles. Here Fred and Mr Wang can be seen discussing with Andy , Dave and Henry of the LJMU School of Computing & Mathematical Sciences.

The Maths department developments were needed to translate the control data of the paddles into directional information for the virtual canoe. The co-operation of those paddling is essential as each paddle stroke on either side affects the motion and direction of the boat.

Below Wang Zheng and Jiang Fei with John Webster preparing to make stand for canoe in LJMU workshops

These paddles also control the experimental Arcadian drone canoe. This model canoe will sail on the actual lake in Stanley Park relaying live video images of its location back to the Academy allowing us to add another layer of reality to the voyage.

Here is the model canoe under construction at Peter Appleton's workshop

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