Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Voyages In Arcadia Canoe Test 3rd November 2010

We are using a replica cedar wood Canadian canoe for the Voyages in Arcadia:

This delightful model is a fully authentic respresentation of a traditional cedar wood-strip open water canoe. Hand-crafted from strips of red and yellow cedar wood sealed with a layer of fibreglass and epoxy resin, sanded to a super smooth finish it is made in the exactly same way as a full size canoe. This fantastic high quality model comes fitted with a yoke, two seats and a set of paddles.

The model is very similar to the real canoes used on Stanley Park lake in the early 20th Century:

The model dimensions: Length: 110 cm; Width: 17 cm and Height: 14 cm.

The canoe has been adapted with various equipment to power and control the canoe via the Internet.

These adaptations have taken place at Peter Appleton's workshop. The canoe was successfully tested in the workshop on 3rd November 2010.

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